5 Reasons why the New Nissan Almera challenges the standards of practicality


When Nissan Philippines brought in the all-new Nissan Almera in the country, it was as if the company declared war in the subcompact sedan segment of the market. The Almera is an embodiment of an out-of-the-ordinary combination. The latest Nissan hosts practicality and style in a subcompact sedan package.

For the next few minutes, we’re going to discuss why the Nissan Almera is the most practical yet stylish subcompact sedan in the market today. If you are in the market for an urban mover, you are in for a treat as the Almera rightfully boasts of its own brand of practicality.

Here are the top five reasons why the Nissan Almera perfectly fits as your practical daily driver:

Intelligent Around View Monitor – Car manufacturers invest greatly in order to come up with new technologies. The same was done by Nissan in order to come up with the Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) suite of safety features. Thus, the reason these features are usually found in higher-end Nissan models.

Despite being positioned as a value-oriented city mover, the Nissan Almera is equipped with the Intelligent Around View Monitor (IAVM) – one of the flagship NIM features, usually found in higher model Nissans. This convenient driving feature gives the driver a virtual 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings that can be useful when parking in tight spaces which the metro is notorious for. The IAVM also comes with the Moving Object Detection feature that gives you a visual and audible alert for nearby moving objects. This NIM integrated onto the Almera adds astounding value to the stylish subcompact sedan.

Powerful and efficient engine – One of the best features of the all-new Nissan Almera lies underneath its hood – the 1.0-liter turbocharged engine. The Almera is the only one in its class to have a forced induction engine. Lightweight yet punchy, this engine provides the immediate torque you would expect from a turbo engine but without wasting too much fuel.
With all the power it has, the Nissan Almera can still reach fuel efficiency of up to 23.3 km/L. Power and fuel efficiency are maybe two things that do not go well together but the Nissan Almera proves that a car can pack ample power as well as record efficient fuel mileage. With the current global oil price hike wherein gas prices are more than double of what they were just months ago, going for a fuel-efficient subcompact is a no-brainer. But doing so could be done without letting go of exciting drives. You do not need to sacrifice power over fuel efficiency with the Nissan Almera.

Worry-free ownership – One of the things that is dreaded by car owners, especially first-time ones, are maintenance. Being a smart car buyer, one would look into the details of the vehicle’s suggested periodic maintenance service (PMS) plan. A car used daily can require PMS every quarter or even monthly depending on how the mileage accumulated is. PMS is good as this keeps the car in tip top shape but this is not free.

Good thing for Nissan Almera owners, the stylish subcompact sedan requires fewer trips to the dealership as it only has a twice-a-year PMS interval. Aside from the monetary savings, owners also save valuable time by having their Almeras with lesser downtimes and having more time on the road.

But that is not all, the Almera has more ownership value to offer. The zippy Nissan sedan comes with a 5-year warranty program. Yes. When you buy a Nissan Almera, unexpected repair costs are covered for the first five years or first 150,000 km, whichever comes first. The industry standard is currently 3-year warranty. Almera owners are treated to two more years of worry-free car ownership than with other brands.

Stunning looks – How is design considered practicality? Well, buying a car is an investment. It is a commitment that will be with you for many years to come. If you will be settling for a car that is not actually pleasing to your eyes, something that is common, then you will most likely get bored of it. It would be impractical to have something that you do not enjoy seeing in your garage.
There is this saying for car guys that goes “if you don’t look at your car twice after you park, you got the wrong car.” So go for that kind of car. Go for an Almera! Who would not look twice at this sleek subcompact sedan, right? It has a dynamic-looking front-end; smooth side profile that perfectly complements the sporty rear design of the Almera; and lastly, far from the usual that you see on the roads – who would not want to look at an Almera.

Highly accessible – Looking at all the features and specifications of the all-new Nissan Almera, car buyers may initially think that the subcompact sedan is priced with a premium over others in its segment. But with the price point of P728K to P1.098M, the Nissan Almera is actually priced competitively.

Aside from its value-packed features, the Nissan Almera can also be owned for as low as PHP 38,000 all-in down payment for transactions through the Nissan Finance program. This offering gives customers the astounding savings of up to PHP 80,000 when they opt for the Nissan Almera VE CVT variant. More flexible payment options may also be availed via the Nissan Finance program.

Again, if you are in the market for a practical daily driver, the Nissan Almera is more than qualified. The stylish turbocharged sedan packs more practicality than any offerings from other brands in its segment. It has both form and function. It works like how a practical subcompact sedan should with an extra driving convenience on the side while flaunting its sleek form as it performs its tasks.

Comparing the Almera’s features against the other contenders’ in this segment, without a doubt, the Nissan Almera is leading in heaps with a hefty list including some of the mentioned here which are usually found in top-tier models. This together with a highly competitive price point, the Almera offers astounding value for money that any subcompact sedan buyer should not miss.

Learn more about the Nissan Almera by clicking here.

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