Suzuki Jimny GLX A/T 2-Tone

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The All New Suzuki Jimny was an online hit, long before Suzuki Philippines brought it to our shores. From the days its images emerged on the internet during early testing wearing camo wrap to hide its details, to finally being available, people couldn’t seem to get enough of it. Neither could we. Lets find out more about the Suzuki Jimny GLX A/T Two Tone.

Buff Exterior

It’s a small vehicle, but it has a certain macho appeal. But not the kind that only appeals to men mind you, a lot of women like it too. The vehicle that used to be appreciated mostly by off road enthusiasts is now getting a lot of attention from a demographic that completely ignored its previous iterations. And that’s a good thing. The most common comment about how the Jimny looks is that it could possibly be a cross between a G Class and a Defender. One things for sure, it looks good and still unmistakably a Jimny due its boxy look which is definitely a nod to the LJ and SJ of the past.

Its retro feel is reinforced by its circular headlamps and the separate round turn signal indicators, the head lights though are LED projector in round housings. The fog lamps are mounted on the black front bumper which, just like the rear bumper, is mounted high giving you a good approach angle of 28 degrees and and departure angle of 49 degrees plus a brake over angle of 28 degrees to drive up or over obstacles on the road. Ground clearance is 210mm.

The rear door has a carry over height of 755mm. The width of the opening at its widest is 1030mm and height is 850mm. It rolls on 195/80’s on 15” alloy wheels.

The rear combination lamps are inset in the bumper similar to the design of previous generation Jimny’s. You’ll notice slits on the lowermost part of the A-Pillar reminiscent of the slits on the clamshell bonnet of the 2nd Gen Jimny.

Functional Interior

The doors are pretty large and open wide, giving lots of room for a passenger to get in or out of the back seat, as this is a two door, the front driver or passenger seats have to be moved forward to get in or out of the rear seats. I’m not particularly tall so I was alright with the interior headroom and legroom, but I still wish the steering wheel would tilt up just a few more degrees so my leg wouldn’t touch the underside of the steering wheel when getting out of the Jimny. For a smallish guy, I could have a used a few more mm’s width, as getting to the driver’s seat belt was a bit of a backward reach, and hitting my left elbow on the door whenever I fidgeted about.

But, since it is a very compact vehicle, everything else was within reach, I didn’t have to strain to get anything from the front glovebox, the front passenger seat or even the rear seats. The front seats can slide 240mm from its front most position to its rearmost. There’s very good all around visibility with the big square windows all around. The dash is laid out in a horizontal design to aid the driver in easily being able to tell his vehicle’s orientation when off road. Surfaces are hard wearing stain and scratch resistant.

The 9” touch screen entertainment system has navigation, aux, USB, ipod support and most video formats can be viewed. There’s an electronic Clinometer feature which shows the Jimny’s orientation and heading, with an altimeter and barometer.

The air conditioning is automatic in the GLX and right below the AC controls, are the driver and passenger door power window controls, traction control and Hill Descent Control. Underneath are the 12V power socket and the aux and USB port. There’s another 12V power socket in the left rear corner of the vehicle behind the back seat.


Under the hood is the K15B 1.5L gasoline engine that puts out 100Hp with 130Nm of torque and mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. These numbers may seem small on paper, but there’s more than enough power to cruise on the highway and enough torque when you go off the beaten path.

Underchassis and Amenities

The All-New Suzuki Jimny has 3-link coil sprung rigid axles front and rear, making it tougher than any independent suspension set-up. Serious off-roaders are set up like this, but despite the solid axle up front, the minimum tuning radius is only 4.9 meters. Aside from Hill Descent Control, it also has Hill Hold Control, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Brake LSD Traction Control which uses the brakes to slow down wheels that lose traction, Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and of course it has 4WD with low range (4L). It’s also equipped with dual front airbags.

This Jimny has a “Pedestrian Injury Mitigating Body”, which is designed in such a way as to have the vehicle absorb impact forces in the event of a collision with a pedestrian. The structures/components up front which will give away are the wipers, cowl top, bonnet hinges, fenders, bonnet and front bumper.

This All-New Jimny is a fun vehicle to drive, with its short wheelbase it will tend to bounce around a bit on our roads, but it’s something you can get used to and ignore, it can handle winding country roads and even expressways with out much fuss, it does however come into it’s own when you take it off road, and that’s where it will shine.

This Jimny, priced at Php1,285,000 has a price tag comparable to higher variant B-segment/subcompact sedan, can pretty much do everything a sedan can do, but the Jimny can go places you won’t attempt in a sedan. The Suzuki Jimny is a good choice as it will be more than capable to handle our poorly made roads daily, and also be able to take you somewhere far from civilization on weekends. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, you probably already want one.

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