Workers Lose 27K/Year To Traffic

Traffic congestion is now a real problem for any and all Metropolis around the world.

With the exponential increase of motor vehicles per population per city and the difficulty of planning a road network to address this growth, all urban cities are hard pressed to find a solution to this modern industrial issue.

In Metro Manila, every individual who needs to travel to work spends an average of two hours in traffic one way everyday. That is equivalent to four hours or half a days work daily.

A simple mathematical computation of the number of hours workers spend in traffic, that is four hours multiplied by the number of work days, 26 days a month x 12 months, divided by 24 hours will give you a total of 52 days or 2 working months wasted in road jams.

If a worker used these hours to work, he would have earned an additional P27,092 a year or two months worth of pay. That is if we computed their compensation on regular rates of P521 minimum wage for Metro Manila. It will drastically increase if we used overtime rates.

Also, note that we used 24 hours or a full day in our computation. If we used the regular 8-working hour day to compute a workers loss, we would also come up with a bigger time loss for them. It will actually come out to half a years pay lost sitting in traffic.

I do not even have the loss in productivity industries encounter because of this situation. But I am assuming it will be significant enough to make our national economic managers worry.

And the effect on family is as substantial as the financial cost.

A national leader once said traffic is an indication of a nations growing economy. But with the figures above, one is forced to ask the question “who really benefits from this economic growth?” Certainly not the working class who lose two months of pay stuck in a parking lot called EDSA.

The author is a certified motorhead and has been a journalist for the past 30 years. He will be a journalist all his life. He thinks he is famous and his mother agrees. His father has another opinion on that matter.
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