WIP #1: Type R-Hearted Black Beauty of Banawe

First of the WIP (Work In Progress) features – a clean ’99 Civic SiR with a Type R engine (photo by Louie Camacho)

Among the cars of the 90’s, the Honda Civic garnered the most attention because Honda tweaked it into the motorsports and pop culture of the time. Add to this the vast aftermarket parts made available turning it into a platform of choice by many car tuners and enthusiasts.

Like many Civic owners, Kevin Limpiada, the owner of this clean and sleek black 1999 Honda Civic SiR, opted for this project car because of the limitless possibilities one can accomplish.

First Stage

This project car has been a project car numerous times in its lifetime and has seen after market parts attached and detached from it.

It started with a set of 16” Volk Racing CE28 in rare gunmetal-center-polished-lip finish wrapped in sticky Yokohama Advan AD08 tires. Peeking between the wheels spokes is a set of sought-after Spoon Sports brake kit.

Giving accent to the body are sets of Spoon Sports sidemirrors, Honda Access rear ducktail, and Civic Type R 99 spec headlights. Under the hood is a tastefully built B20 VTEC engine that runs on Toda Racing spec engine parts heavily increasing its power output. This power plant was covered by a Monster carbon fiber bonnet.

Even before, Kevin’s SiR packs so much power with its previous B20 VTEC engine set up (photo by Kevin Limpiada)

Heart of a Type R

However, Kevin, got bored with this set-up, saw another, more powerful engine in the K-series and initiated an engine swap for this project SiR.

The B-series was shelved, and Kevin’s Civic SiR went for a heart transplant. The power unit of choice was no other than a K20A from a Honda Integra Type R DC5 complete with the 6-speed transmission. The newly installed K-series’ engine management was also upgraded to a Hondata K-Pro programmable ECU.

How did Kevin score such a gem? Because his family owns one of the biggest Japan surplus parts importers in BanaweZidcar Motor parts and so getting a fresh set was easy.

The K20 Type R suits the Civic SiR’s engine bay well (photo by Louie Camacho)

Complimenting this major project update, Kevin got his Civic SiR a fresh wheel set of 16” Volk Rays TE37 in classic bronze finish. But the list of new parts doesn’t end there, a set of new 5-lug brake system coming from a Civic Type R EK9 will now do the stopping duties coupled with the Spoon Sports big-brake-kit.

The Spoon Sports brake set and the bronze classic Volk Rays TE37 perfectly suits the Night Hawk Black SiR (photo by Louie Camacho)

Though not closing on the other possibilities, Kevin says he would like to focus first on improving the power of his project.

“This is pretty much done for now. Once tuned, I will try it first on the track to see how the new engine runs; I’d also like to time its quarter-mile run hopefully in early 2018. From there, we’ll see what could be done with the new engine…” said Kevin.

This is a show and go car. It means it can sit on a platform and be ogled by car lovers, but it can also hit the tracks and perform. So whatever Kevin feels like doing to this project car, it looks stunning as it is right now and will probably be hard to make better.



  • K20A Type R engine and 6 speed transmission (built and tuned by SpeedMode)
  • ORC Ogura Racing twin plate clutch
  • Blanche Racing custom exhaust headers
  • Tanabe Hyper Medallion exhaust muffler
  • Hondata KPro ver. 4
  • Grams Fuel Regulator
  • Zero Top Fuel intake tube and filter
  • Koyorad radiator
  • Spoon Sports oil cap
  • Spoon Sports radiator cap


  • Bride Ergo 1 seats
  • Integra Type R DB8 rear seats
  • Spoon Sports steering wheel
  • Spoon Sports shift knob
  • K-Tuned billet shifter
  • Honda Access Air Refiner
  • ’99 EK4 JDM-spec instrument panel gauge
  • Civic Vi-RS 2-din center console panel


  • ’99 spec EK9 Type R headlight
  • ’99 spec EK4 front chin
  • Monster carbon fiber hood
  • Volk Rays 16″ TE37 w/ type-B center cap
  • Advan Neova AD08R

Suspension and Brakes

  • Buddy Club II coilover dampers
  • Spoon Sports strut bar
  • Spoon Sports tie bar
  • Civic Type R EK9 brake set
  • Spoon Sports braided brake lines
  • Spoon Sports twin block brake calipers
  • Spoon Sports brake rotors


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