Why You Should Not Get Drunk And Take Uber

Next time, you know how not to get drunk and get an Uber!

There is this Ate Party Girl who had a good time one night. She had such a good time that she decided she will take an Uber to go home. So she does and gets picked up by Kuya Uber driver.

Fast Forward to the next day and Kuya Uber driver is talking to a would be passenger via text messaging. Kuya Uber driver is having difficulty getting to his fare because Ate Party Girl IS STILL IN THE UBER CAR SLEEPING!

Apparently, after getting into the car of Kuya Uber driver, she passed out and refuses to wake up until the next day!

So now, Kuya Uber driver is roaming around Metro Manila with a very drunk and passed out girl in his front seat.

Kuya Uber driver has actually picked up and delivered three (3) passengers already with Ate Party Girl sitting in the front seat the whole time.

Here is a video of Ate Party Girl sleeping in the Uber cab:



Posted by Norie Ferrera on Sunday, December 17, 2017

This story was lifted from the post of Norie Ferrera who got to the office late because of Ate Party Girl!

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