Why Are BGC Blue Guard Traffic Cops Like This?

This is so common nowadays.

Security guards acting like cops and getting ignored by ordinary citizen motorists.

In the US these guys are called rent-a-cops because they are hired to serve as security for private establishments and territories. They have no police powers and are mandated to alert police officers whenever there is a law enforcement issue in their area of responsibility.

A BGC blue guard traffic enforcer blocking the path of a private car. (screen grab from Ren Jordan’s Facebook post)

Security guards have no police powers. They cannot arrest or apprehend ordinary citizens. The most they can do is to detain a suspect until they can turn them over to the proper authorities. Their job is to secure, observe and report.

Well, that is until the security agency of former PNP Chief General Edgardo Aglipay got the contract to secure most of Bonifacio Global City. And then things went a little south for these security guards especially in the BGC area.

Numerous reports have been logged, video recorded, photographed and filed against Security Guards of BGC abusing and harassing people who refuse to recognize their authority. We have yet to see one guard prosecuted.

The worst part is when Taguig PNP decided to confer on this security agency deputy status as traffic enforcers. Then they became supercops in blue suits. These blue guards of BGC in their traffic police gear on board their tiny motorcycles would suddenly appear in front of cars and block them for, sometimes, real violations, but most times just imagined ones.

Just like their city counterparts, these BGC security guards acting as traffic enforcers have little to no knowledge of traffic rules. They also move in packs and would gang up on anyone that may refuse to recognize their authority.

And now we have this video.

Ayaw papigil ni ate. Buti nalang may mala-Spiderman skills si kuyang enforcer. Hahaha!

Posted by Ren Jordan on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Video grabbed from Ren Jordan Facebook post.

So what can you say about these blue guards acting as highway patrols at BGC?

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