This Watch Came From An Actual Mustang

Many of my friends are into watches now. I guess it comes with the territory that when you do cars, you will eventually want to do watches.

But this story is so much better because it combines the love for cars with the love for watches into one fantastic product. And when I says combine, I mean literally.

REC Watches, based in Denmark, has created a watch made purely from the parts of old and dilapidated Ford Mustangs, hand made and lovingly crafted.

That Mustang and a watch made from Mustang parts go so beautiful together. photo from REC Watches)

This was the idea of Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup, both of whom scour salvage yards around the world for models, each of which can be transformed into hundreds of unique timepieces, costing from $1,495.

“I’m not cutting up Mustangs. I’m bringing Mustangs that are beyond repair back to life as a watch.”

For the true Mustang enthusiast, they will even create an entirely new watch from parts donated by customers including World Champion Drifter and professional fun-haver Vaughn Gittin Jr., who wears a watch that includes carbon fibre bodywork from his 700‑horsepower World Drift Series Ford Mustang RTR.

Sometimes they turn the Mustangs into BBQ pits too. (photo from REC Watches)

To make sure these stories are retold, REC Watches trace the history of each vehicle, talking to previous owners, collecting stories and images from the car’s past lives, and incorporating them into an exclusive video.

Each finished design incorporates the vehicle identification number, year of production and classic Mustang design cues. A power dial designed to look like a fuel gauge shows remaining battery life, and the hands, date, and dial numbers are all influenced by the iconic car’s dashboard.

“Most people would just see a pile of metal, a ghost of a Mustang. We see something completely different – the soul of a car and a story that needs to be told,” said co-founder Christian Mygh. 

On one trip to Sweden, the team struck gold with a rare 1966 Raven Black model that has become the basis for their limited edition P51-04 collection of 250 watches

Named after a World War II fighter plane and launched in 1964, Mustang’s radical styling and aggressive performance made it an instant classic.  Its superstar status was cemented by a starring role in the 1968 action movie “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen, as well as a string of songs and films focused on, or incorporating the groundbreaking car.

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