This Time Let’s Really Pray For MRT3

A few weeks ago, Secretary Arthur Tugade was quoted as saying “Balatuhan niyo na din kami ng Dasal sa MRT3.” And while the good Secretary did mean to ask for divine guidance we may really need to pray harder this time.

This morning at around 9:48 in the morning, a certain Ms. Marielle Ann J. Mar, 26, collapsed inside a southbound train when it was approaching the Ortigas station.

MRT3 Security officers carried Ms. Mar out of the train and first aid was applied until the arrival of a Lifeline Ambulance.

Ms. Mar was rushed to Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center (VRPMC) in Mandaluyong, the nearest they could reach considering traffic.

The hospital emergency staff attempted to revive Ms. Mar but to no avail. She was pronounced dead at 12:05pm.

 Cause of death was not determined since her family preferred not to have an autopsy conducted.

DOTr said The incident happened during non-peak hours of train operations which meant the train was not congested.

“Yes po, as per our Station Division, the ACU is working and pls note as well that it is non-peak hours, so hindi masyado congested. Thanks,” said Aly Narvaez of MRT3.

The DOTr and MRT-3 extend their sincerest condolences to the bereaved family of Ms. Mar, and has extended all necessary assistance, including defrayment of medical and funeral expenses.

But after unloading hundreds of passengers almost daily, a passenger getting her arm cut off (though it was successfully attached), and now a passenger dying of (at the moment) mysterious causes, we really believe fervent prayers are needed, not for divine intervention, but for someone in that agency to actually do something about the state of MRT3.

Because, if we believe in our old Filipino myths, I think it is time to say “medyo minamalas ang MRT3.” (MRT3 is getting very unlucky!)

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