This Is A 1287bhp Track Car

The Chinese company Techrules has finally revealed the Ren RS, a track version of its turbine range-extender EV supercar that has been touted as the fastest track car ever. This hypercar weighs 1854 kilos, is a single seater and purely for track use only.

Techrules Ren RS has 1287bhp and has a top speed of 3320kph. (photo courtesy of Techrules)

Presented at the ongoing Geneva Auto Show, the Ren RS packs a 1287bhp and a 1725lb ft punch. It is 31 kilograms lighter than the Aston Martin DB11 with a power to weight ratio of 694bhp per ton, double that of the DB11.

Techrules claims its top speed at 330mph and acceleration of 0-100 kph is 3-seconds. This is almost the same as the Porsche 911 Turbo. Range is claimed to be around 1170 kilometers from 80 litres of fuel thanks to the diesel-powered turbine range extender, with a 28.4kWh battery pack.

The Ren RS weighs only 1854 Kilograms, 31 kilos lighter than the Aston Martin DB11. (photo courtesy of Techrules)

The car can recharge to 80% of this 28.4kWh capacity within 15min when connected to a DC fast charger, and Techrules targets a battery lifespan of 100,000 charging cycles. Diesel is the most efficient fuel, but the Ren is also able to run on gaseous fuels, suggesting the Ren RS will follow suit.

A choice of two powertrain options is available – the car is four-wheel drive, and the entry-level powertrain has two motors powering the front wheels and two for the rear, for combined power and torque of 846bhp and 1150lb ft. The six-motor powertrain, with two motors for the front wheels and four for the rear has 1287bhp and 1725lb ft.

The car was designed by GFG Style, the new design house of Giorgettto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio. The design was inspired by fighter jets – the reason for the Turbo Jet decal, which is also a bare attribution to the turbine range extender powertrain.

The Ren RS’ six-motor powertrain, two motors for the front wheels and four for the rear, has 1287bhp and 1725lb ft of torque. (photo courtesy of Techrules)

Techrule has replaced the older three seat configuration to a single seat design with a front canopy opening forward for driver access. The car’s fuel bladder and carbon fibre race seat are FIA approved, air jack mounting points allow for quick pit stops, and a canopy ejection system also ensures safety in a crash situation, including manual buttons to pop the roof off the car’s carbon fibre monocoque.

Although no racing intentions have been confirmed by the company, the choice to incorporate a steel roll cage into the car’s upper structure rather than having an enclosed monocoque allows the car to be adapted for different race series requirements.

There is still no definite time frame for delivery to customers but Techrules says they want to have owners inn the drivers seat within two years.



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