The All New Ford Ranger Raptor Is Here

A few months after Ford released a teaser video, the Ford Ranger Raptor was formally launched at a global reveal in Bangkok, Thailand in a very unconventional manner. The Raptor – designed, built, and tested to set a benchmark as the only factory-built performance truck across Asia Pacific – saw daylight (or at least the klieg lights) as it zoomed into a make-shift track designed to show off its capabilities.

“We are so excited and proud to unleash this vehicle to the public, driving it really makes you feel like a hero,” said Ford Performance Chief Engineer Jamal Hameedi. “The Ford Performance team is excited to extend the Raptor name from our flagship off-road performance F-150 to Ranger. Just like the F-150 Raptor, the Ranger Raptor builds upon the core capability of the range of vehicles it comes from and carries the unmistakable Ford Performance DNA appearance.”

The first ever Ford Ranger Raptor is eye candy. Up front, the iconic block FORD lettering is back on the grille. The front bumper has an integrated tow bar and two recovery hooks rated at 3.8 tonnes. The front fenders does not only look tough, but can also resist dents and dings associated with off-road usages.

The new Ranger is noticeably bigger, standing at 1,873mm tall, 2,180mm wide and 5,398 long. The front and rear tracks are also wider at 1,710mm. The ground clearance has been increased to 283mm as well. Designed with the weekend explorer in mind, the Raptor provides an abundant space with the 1,560mm x 1,743mm tray and a towing capacity of 2,500kg, enough to pull your dirt bike and jet ski carriers.

The Raptor is equipped with all-terrain BF Goodrich 285/70 R17 tires specially developed to keep it stable on and off the road. Tires measures 838mm in diameter and 285mm in width. This design offers strong sidewalls ready to take on all environments with confidence. It also has a super grippy tread to extend the owners’ adventure time on and off the road and an aggressive off-road tread pattern which provides grip in wet, mud, sand and snow conditions.

The Raptor color palate offerings include Lightning Blue, Race Red, Shadow Black, Frozen White, as well as a unique Hero color for the Ranger Raptor, Conquer Grey.

The Ranger Raptor comes with Terrain Management System (TMS) which offers six modes for different driving experience. It can be selected via switch located at the steering wheel. Each mode has been calibrated to offer the best possible combination of technologies working in unison to tackle the chosen terrain or driving style.


  1. Normal mode – Emphasising comfort, fuel economy and driveability.
  2. Sport mode – Responsive for spirited on-road driving. This means fast, crisp gear shifts at higher engine speeds to aid throttle response. The mapping reacts to increased demand inputs from the driver by holding gears longer and downshifting more aggressively.


  1. Grass/Gravel/Snow mode – Designed to inspire safe and confident driving on off-road slippery and uneven surfaces. This is done through smoother gear shifts and second-gear starts, minimizing the probability of wheel slip.
  2. Mud/Sand mode – Vehicle responsiveness is tuned for optimum traction and momentum in deep, deformable surfaces like loose sand and mud. This is achieved by maintaining lower gears with high torque.
  3. Rock mode – Used specifically for low-speed rocky terrain where smooth controllability is key.
  4. Baja mode – Vehicle responsiveness is tuned for high-speed off-road performance, just like drivers need in the famous Baja Desert Rally. In this mode, vehicle systems like Traction Control are pared back in terms of intervention to allow spirited off-road driving without fighting the vehicle’s on-board systems. Gear selection is optimized for maximum performance, and the mapping will hold gears longer and downshift more aggressively.


The Ranger Raptor comes with advanced Driver Assist Technologies (DATs). SYNC 3, a voice activation system, allows the driver to use their favorite gadgets while their hands stay on the wheel and eyes on the road. Off-roaders need not to worry about navigation as the Raptor also come with a Satellite Navigation System which offers ‘breadcrumb feature’ that leaves a trail when entering unchartered areas.

Ford’s comprehensive Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system is also there to help in difficult cornering and braking situations. The impressive technology suite includes Trailer Sway Control (TSC), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Load Adaptive Control (LAC).

You can also park with confidence with the rear parking sensors and the rearview camera displayed on the eight-inch colour LCD screen.

In an interview, Ford ASEAN President Yukontorn ‘Vickie’ Wisadkosin told Autocar Philippines that they are confident that the sales of the Ranger Raptor will be positive with the excise tax exempting trucks.

“I see a lot of opportunities for the pickup industry in the Philippines and I am sure of that because Ranger in the Philippines is currently making 25 to 26% market shares. So with this product launch, I believe we’ll continue to soar with our products in the Philippines,” Wisadkosin said.

When asked about the affordability of the ultimate Ranger, Wisadkosin said “With the product features that we are introducing into the Ranger Raptor, it’s going to be the best pickup truck in the market. And there will be a prize that the customers will have to pay for but if the customers are really looking for that type of Ranger, they’d be willing to pay for it.”

So, are you as excited as we are?

Patrisse is a fresh graduate from De La Salle in Cavite. She likes cars, but enjoys commuting for hours. She says it keeps her grounded. She is the youngest member of the Autocar PH team.

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