Sneak Peek Of The New BMW X7

The new BMW X7 in its stripes to hide the final look. It has an intriguing grill though. (photo from BMW)

While it is still in pre-production mode, Autocar PH has acquired some shots of the new BMW X7. This new model will be released by the end of 2018, but we have some shots to show you.

The new X7 is built at the BMW Group Plant in Spartanburg, USA where 70% of BMW models are built and sold around the world.

“We are proud to produce the BMW X7 here in Spartanburg, the home of our X models. This is a very special vehicle and our employees are looking forward to yet a further member of the X family. Together with the BMW X7, a total of five BMW X models will be exported from Spartanburg to all four corners of the globe,” says Knudt Flor, head of the BMW Group Spartanburg plant.

Getting final touches at the Spartanburg plant. (photo from BMW)

The Spartanburg plant is now in the process of creating an especially trained team to realize the series production process. BMW X7 pre-production models already use the same assembly line as the BMW X5 and BMW X6 production models.

The pre-production models built at the BMW Group Spartanburg plant are handed over to development department specialists, who require them for homologation, registration as well as for diverse testing purposes such as endurance tests and test drives under extreme conditions in the desert regions of Death Valley or on the ice and snow covered slopes of Scandinavia.

The pre-production model is fitted with its camouflage wrap while still at the plant. The conspicuous striped patterns are designed to help conceal the new SUV’s final look as far as possible.

And here are more photos for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the production of the first pre-series BMW X7

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