Petron Wants You To Pray Before You Drive

Petron Corporation, the countries largest oil company, just launched a fully expanded Lakbay Alalay, their highly successful summer road assistance program that was initiated over 30 years ago.

Petrons Bong Paguia, Ana Neri and Cheska Garcia lead the Pledge Of Commitment to Road Safety. (photo by Ira Panganiban)

In a special press briefing held at the Diamond Residences in Makati, Petron also launched their “Driver’s Prayer” that they are encouraging motorists to pray before taking off in their motor vehicles.

“Yes, this is the first time we have come out with this prayer for our drivers. We want our drivers and other people on the road to be conscious of their surroundings while traversing roads and highways and we believe that a simple prayer will make us contemplate to be safe on the road. Prayers are powerful things,” said Bong Paguia, Petron Marketing Manager.

The Petron Drivers Prayer. Petron Lakbay Alalay would like motorists to use this prayer before they hit the road. (image by Ira Panganiban)

Petron’s Lakbay Alalay will also be spearheading a road safety campaign for children in cooperation with the AAP and FIA. Ana Neri, Vice President for Marketing of Petron bared she was touched by a video of children crossing roads and getting hurt that she pledged to the FIA that she will help in the dissemination of information to prevent more children getting hurt in road mishaps.

“When I saw the video clip, I was so touched and concerned that I promised the FIA and AAP that I will help in this crusade for children,” Ms. Neri exclaimed.

The Lakbay Alalay program of Petron are targetting main vacation seasons of the Philipppines to field personnel for road assistance and other health and safety concerns while motorists are all on the road.

A Petron crew running safety check on a motorist who loaded up fuel at their station. This is now part of Petron’s road safety advocacy. (photo courtesy of Petron)

First project for Lakbay Alalay this year 2018 will be the Holy Week this month where Petron stations will have motorist assistance centers.

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