Nissan PH Prexy Wants March Here

But he is looking at having a volume demand before he can recommend that the subcompact hatch, known in Japan as the Micra, be included in the Philippine line-up.

Nissan PH President Ramesh Narasimhan told Autobrands Media that the nearest and most economical place to source the March is India.

But the Indian plant only produces right hand drive vehicles and the economy of scales would require a substantial volume before it can become feasible to produce left hand cars.

“I’m sure the Nissan March will be a hit in the Philippines and I would be excited to bring it over,” said Narasimhan. “But the cheapest place to get the March is India and they only make right hand drives there at the moment,” he adds.

The March, a 1.2 liter 5-door hatchback, will compete with the likes of the Mazda 2, Suzuki Swift, and Honda Jazz should it be formally introduced here.

Woukd you be interested in the Nissan March?

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