New! Toyota Avanza Veloz

So you’re thinking of getting a small van. You know, an MPV!

And your budget is a little skewed because, let’s admit it, you gotta pay for the semestral dues of school for your kids and Christmas expenses are now here. And let’s say you are projecting that you can hoard enough for a good downpayment and a nice, afffordable monthly. After all, who buys cars in cash nowadays, right?

Well Toyota seems to have read your mind because this October, they announced the introduction of a new variant in the Avanza line up, the Avanza Veloz.

Adapting the robust design of its co-variants, the Veloz projects an image of comfort while distinctively having a sporty look into it. As seen in its exterior, one can immediately notice the new model’s sharp design as expressed by the bold aero grille, smoked chrome lamp garnish & back handle, and sport bumper.As the driver steps inside the vehicle, the top-of-the-line Veloz shows off a beautiful black interior, creating a balance of sophistication and modern style. In addition, its display audio now promotes a user-friendly structure with a new navigation system helping the driver get him from where he is to where he wants to be at his convenience.

Over the years, the success of the Avanza in the Philippines has grown selling over 80,000 units since its launch in 2006. Showcasing an image of comfort and functionality, the Avanza continues to be the leader in the compact MPV segment. In short, it is a vehicle that is fit for any family or business drive. As such, the Avanza brings opportunities for families and colleagues to be closer with moments shared inside this vehicle. With the new Avanza Veloz, it adds spice to the line-up boasting a tougher appearance on the road.

The Avanza Veloz comes in four (4) exciting colors, Black Metallic, Silver Metallic, White, and its newest addition to the color line up, the Red Mica Metallic conveying a vibrant appearance and a more youthful look.

Priced at P1,025,000, the Avanza Veloz shows a promising service for every family, business, or anything in between with ease and class. A 20% downpayment will set you back some P205,000 and the monthly is an easy P16,000-ish.

Of course Toyota still offers the other models in the Avanza line-up. The five (5) variants are; 1.5G A/T priced at P958,000, 1.5G M/T at P915,000, 1.3E A/T at P839,000, 1.3E M/T at P796,000, and 1.3J M/T at P707,000. For more information on the Avanza Veloz, you may visit the Toyota Motor Philippines official website; or contact our Customer Assistance Center at 819 2912 or visit any of the 58 authorized Toyota dealers nationwide.

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