More Grit for the Golf GTI

Volkswagen Quezon Avenue Manager Bob Palanca introduces the more powerful Golf GTI with ABT Upgrade.

There is more to look forward to for the Volkswagen Golf GTI than ever before. Unsatisfied with what 220 Ps can offer, Volkswagen decided to up the ante by boosting their GTI’s power by another 70 ponies courtesy of an ABT Power-Up Module.

The Power-Up Module are imported directly from Germany, and developed by ABT Sportsline, the world’s largest tuner for 120 years and which has been Volkswagen’s exclusive partner. This is a bolt on upgrade that needs just a few clicks to get into your Golf GTI.

Of course, what is a power upgrade if you can’t look good at the same time. Combined with the ABT Power-Up Module is an ABT Body Kit to give that nice racing look to your already good looking Golf GTI. These upgrades are offered free if you buy a brand new Golf GTI or for a nice price if you already have a Golf GTI and want to upgrade.

The reveal of the Golf GTI ABT upgrade coincided with the launch of the Volkswagen Quezon Avenue’s Golf GTI Lifestyle Center, a first of its kind among Volkswagen dealerships in the Philippines. Guests were treated to video presentations, product highlight talks, test drives, and showcases of what is widely considered Volkswagen’s “hottest hatch,” the Golf GTI.

Apart from displaying various Golf GTI units, the Golf GTI Lifestyle Center also highlighted model-specific accessories and lifestyle collection items such as shirts, jackets, toy cars, cups and mugs, bags, among others, which are for sale at special prices.

Customers also found the financing deals hard to resist, as BPI Family Savings Bank offered the 0% interest, 20% downpayment at 12 monthly payments for purchases or reservations made during the occasion, or the option of getting the ABT Power-Up Module for free. These offers, were indeed, timely, especially with the impending imposition of the government excise tax come 2018.

The test drives provided guests a taste of the “ultimate sportsman” driving experience, and a feel of the Golf GTI’s 2.0-liter turbocharged stratified injection (TSI) engine mated to a 6-speed dual shift gear (DSG) transmission, generating 220 Ps of power and 350 Nm. The Golf GTI with ABT Power-Up Module goes for an even more exhilarating 32% increase in power and 20% increase in torque (290 Ps and 420 Nm, respectively).

This special event organized by Volkswagen Quezon Avenue, in cooperation with Volkswagen Philippines, is among the many customer-centric events by the country’s leading European car brand to extend its world-class motoring lifestyle even closer to more Filipinos’ doorsteps.  It’s more than just a weekend re-acquaintance with the Golf GTI. For Volkswagen, It’s More Than Just a Car.

For more details on the Golf GTI and other Volkswagen cars, please visit Volkswagen Quezon Avenue at 1129 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, call (63) 2 958 0570 / (63) 2 5585818 / 0917-5017677 / 0919-9127750 or log on to


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