Mazda Joins List of Most Fuel-Efficient Automotive On Its 5th Year

For the 5th year in a row, Mazda SKYACTIV Technology has joined the top list of the most fuel-efficient automotive brands in the U.S. roads. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s report was based on the 2017 Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and  Fuel Economy Trends.

Among the 13 brands listed in the review. Mazda had the highest adjusted  fuel economy performance. This is according to the latest release of the annual report just published this January 2018. Mazda models also continues to top its on own record by a 0.4mpg (0.17 km/l) increase from the previous year’s report results when it recorded a 29.6 miles to the gallon (12.58 kilometers per liter) for the combined cycle as the average manufacturer adjusted fuel economy. The EPA report likewise reveals that at 301g/mi (187g/km), Mazda also recorded the lowest average CO2 emissions of any carmaker.

The U.S. EPA reports states that one thing played an important role in helping the automotive industry achieve CO2 emissions, fuel economy, and performance goals was the technological innovation in Gasoline Direct Injection and transmission technology.

Mazda SKYACTIV Technology range of lightweight engines, transmissions, chassis and car bodies has been a key factor to the company leading the EPA’s list for the last five years. And this is reflected on the carmaker’s efforts to optimise internal combustion in the name of real-world performance and fuel economy.

Alongside this achievement, Mazda also bested other car manufacturer in the report despite not having hybrid, electric (EV), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), and fuel cell vehicles (FCV) in its current line-up.

“Mazda has always stood for maximizing performance through efficiency,” says Steven Tan, president and CEO of Bermaz Auto Philippines, the exclusive distributor of Mazda vehicles and parts in the country. “This is the fifth year that Mazda has topped the report’s results. The feat is a testament to the passion Mazda engineers put into the development of its products. With the current range of SKYACTIV Technology-equipped models, Filipino customers can be sure that their Mazda vehicles have the latest engine, transmission, chassis, and suspension innovations which will provide them the best value and performance for their money.”

The EPA uses its adjusted figures, which are considered to closely reflect real-world values, for each vehicle sold during the model year and then averages them based on sales volumes in the U.S. market.

Patrisse is a fresh graduate from De La Salle in Cavite. She likes cars, but enjoys commuting for hours. She says it keeps her grounded. She is the youngest member of the Autocar PH team.

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