Malls Should Keep Late Opening Hours – MMDA

Today, mall owners will have to decide if they will maintain the operating hours they kept during the holiday season as per the request of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

MMDA Assistant General Manager for Planning Jojo Garcia announced this when he reported that the travel time on EDSA was reduced by almost 10% during the holidays due to malls’ late opening hours.

According to Garcia, travel speed on Metro Manila’s busiest thoroughfare went up by 9.29 percent or 1.62 kilometers per hour, from 17.44 kph in September to 19.06 kph in November and up to early this month based on MMDA data.

“We had expected that Edsa traffic would be much slower because of the holiday season, but it was slightly faster … because of late mall openings,” Garcia added.

Garcia also said that the MMDA have reached out to 16 managers of malls along EDSA to maintain their operating hours from 11AM to 10PM until the end of the year. He said that the late mall opening proved to play a crucial role in improving EDSA’s traffic congestion.

And in case the malls turn down the request, MMDA is asking them to extend the arrangement at least until January 29 which is originally set to end on January 15.

It was last October when the managements of malls agreed to open their establishments an hour later, at around 11AM, to help decongest the EDSA traffic for the holiday season.

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