Makati Traffic Cops Get Body Cameras

Because our traffic enforcers have this annoying habit of engaging violators in a debate, getting a traffic ticket has become such an emotional experience. Besides, even our motorists have this annoying habit also that the whole process eventually ends up as a real life telenovela, especially when it reaches social media.

New body cams are going to be distributed to Makati traffic enforcers. (photo courtesy of My Makati)

So, the Makati City government has decided to put an end to this ongoing debate of “he said-she said” in the traffic enforcement plane by buying 180 units of body cameras that their Public Safety Department (PSD) intends to distribute to traffic enforcers or MAPSA.

Mayor Abigail Binay said the body cameras will be used to gather evidence against traffic violators who attack or provoke their enforcers while being apprehended. It will also be used as evidence against erring enforcers.

The body cams will be located at the shoulder and can take wide videos. (photo courtesy of My Makati)

“Nakakaawa yung mga MAPSA natin na minsan sinasaktan na ng mga driver na sila naman ang mali. Magagamit itong ebidensiya kung sino talaga ang may kasalanan o kung loko talaga yung enforcer natin,” said Mayor Binay.

The Makati PSD personnel were trained to use the body cams by British experts from Digital Barriers. The devices can be used to transmit events on the road and can be transmitted real time to a central command system. The body cams have a battery life of 8-hours.

A total of 180 body cameras have been delivered to Makati City for their traffic enforcement team.

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