M-Benz Targets Millenials For New A-Class

Spy pics of the A-Class prototype hatch looks very good. We have seen some photos of the final design but it should be out in next years Geneva Auto Show.(photo from Autocar UK)

Mercedes-Benz has recreated the new A-Class to appeal to a younger audience and grab this growing up share of the market. Focusing on bigger space and a more utilitarian design, M-Benz has made it more youthful as ever but with the grown up features of a modern luxury car.

The design team says it is projected to be the pre-cursor of the new compact car generation for Mercedes-Benz where the average age of European drivers for this model is now 13-years younger than the previous model.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class interior is more spacious than ever. (photo from Mercedes-Benz)

Inside the A-Class is a complete departure from the old models and revolutionizes the compact class sedan interior with a real feeling of spaciousness. This unique architecture is accentuated by the avantgarde design of the dashboard.

“The new A-Class embodies the next stage in our design philosophy of sensual purity, and has the potential to usher in a new design era.” 

The most unique selling proposition of this new A-Class is its interior architecture and the control & display systems. The dashboard is divided into two three-dimensional, horizontal sections – the lower section is visually separated from the main body of the dashboard by a “trench” and it appears to float in front of the dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class dashboard has a three tier format unique to itself. (photo from Mercedes-Benz)

The standard widescreen cockpit is completely free-standing, and for the first time there are absolutely no cowls above the instruments. An optional ambience lighting enhances this effect, accentuating the free-floating impression of the substructure. The sporty air vents in a turbine-look are another highlight.

“The interior presents modern luxury at a level previously unattainable in this class, and transports the user interface into the digital age,”says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG.

The A-Class also takes a lot of design cues from other models where details are concerned. The multifunctional steering wheel comes from the S-Class, for example. The front seats likewise have comfort features available from higher segments, including seat climate control, massage function and multicontour seat. The trim elements are in a “wrap-around” design, and the choice of materials (e.g. open-pore wood) underscores the progressive, high-quality positioning.

Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse, Interieur // Mercedes-Benz A-Class interior

Personal room has also been expanded with shoulder-room increasing by 9mm up front and 22mm at the rear, the elbow-room with an added 35mm up front and 36mm at the back, and headroom increased  by 7mm in the front and 8mm down back.

Easier access to the rear seats is another plus point of the new A-Class. The luggage compartment behind the rear seats is more suitable for family and recreational use, and has a capacity of 370 litres – 29 litres more than the preceding model.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class leather and material is designed for the younger crowd and none of that old school feel. (photo from Mercedes-Benz)

The two-section rear lights design made the loading aperture 20 cm wider than before, with the luggage compartment floor longer by 11.5 cm. If required the rear seat backrest can be positioned more upright, to accommodate more cargo like bulky boxes.


With all-round visibility considerably improved by around ten percent and all the youthful design enhancements, Mercedes-Benz believes they can get the younger crowd to appreciate this new compact model.

Here are some primer photos from Autocar UK of the new A-Class set to make a global reveal next year at the Geneva Motor Show.

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