How to Fit A 7-Foot 7-Inch Guy Hops Into an Accent

I’m five foot eight inches tall. In many cars I have this irritating experience of hitting my head on the roof line when getting into the drivers seat or the front seat. Not that I am tall, but it has been my habit to lower the seat prior to entering the car to avoid this bump.

In a Jalopnik report, there is this guy, 17-year-old Robert Bobroczky, all 7-feet and 7-inches of him, who got himself to ride inside a Hyundai Accent. Now, people were asking “how the heck does he fit himself inside that small a car?” He is an inch taller than Yao Ming.

Now before you get yourself all riled up about this “marketing gimmick” please know that Bob, as his friends call him, is not your ordinary 7′-7″ 17-year-old looking to get to the NBA. Bob speaks three languages, taught himself how to play the piano buy simply watching youtube, and likes magic tricks.

So when they asked him to get into this compact Hyundai Accent, it was maybe part of his predilection for magic tricks.

Here is Bob Bobroczky and the Hyundai Accent he got himself into. (photo courtesy of Maxpreps)

Now here is the thing, the Hyundai Accent is not so small, with a legroom of about 1067, it can fit most adults in the known world. But Bob is not an ordinary person of the known world. So how does he does it? Well, here is the youtube video:

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