Here Is News From Lexus, Their First Subcompact Crossover

Everybody is now gearing up for one of the biggest motor show in the world, the Geneva International Auto Show that opens to the public on March 8, 2018. The media days are earlier though, its tarts on March 6. And Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus is not one to be left behind in the mad rush to get their car into the action.

So we get in our mail, complete with embargo dates, news that Lexus is releasing their own subcompact crossover, a first in their line-up of models, and they are calling it the Lexus UX. Not much is said in their official press kits and we could not find more in any of the usual websites we visit for this.

All the PR says is – “These first visuals reveal the UX’s bold and stylish design, combining powerful bodywork with a condensed appearance. Its crossover credentials are signalled by its muscular wings and haunches and high beltline, but under the skin an all-new platform gives the UX exceptional body rigidity and a low centre of gravity for the agile handling of a hatchback.”

As for the video, it is described as – “The scene inside the cabin combines a highly focused driver’s cockpit, a wide and inviting passenger space and a commanding view of the road. With its brave design and imaginative technology features, the UX will offer strong appeal as a gateway model to the luxury brand in a dynamic and growing part of the market.”

But, we do have the picture and the video, so maybe from there we can figure out how the Lexus UX looks and what it is all about. Here is the photo and video.

The first image of the new Lexus UX. It will be launched at the Geneva Auto Show on March 6, 2018. (photo courtesy of Lexus)

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