Governor Remulla Asks Cooperation For Cavite Number Coding

The news about the implementation of the Cavite number coding scheme have triggered most of the province’s residence and those who live near into giving their personal opinion on the matter. Some agreed to the plan, saying that it could be a great help to improve the traffic congestion of the province. While others have shown their discontent with the plan, sharing thoughts like how unfair it is that public utility vehicles are exempted from it.

But whether you are pro or against it, here’s something you should know: Cavite’s provincial government has announced that the implementation of the number coding scheme has been postponed to allow more time for the government officials to study the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR).

And in the midst of countless debates and talks on the issue, Cavite’s Governor Boying Remulla have joined the discourse and have shared his thoughts on the matter.

“If we are part of the problem, we should be part of the solution.” 

The governor said that traffic is a real problem in the province and its roads and road system were just not designed to handle the number of vehicles that passed through everyday.

According to Remulla, they will be publishing the IRR in a few days and that this will be the beginning. He also said that the government cannot grant exemption to all those who seeks it.

“The most fair principle will revolve around the idea of ride sharing, that cars and similar private motor vehicles with at least 3 occupants, including the driver will be generally exempted if they remove their front windshield tint’s so that the number of occupants will be visible.” he added.

The governor is asking for everyone’s cooperation on the matter and is asking everyone to be part of the solution.




Patrisse is a fresh graduate from De La Salle in Cavite. She likes cars, but enjoys commuting for hours. She says it keeps her grounded. She is the youngest member of the Autocar PH team.

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