Former Coup Plotter New MMDA Chairman

Former Army General Danilo Lim is now the new Chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority or MMDA. The announcement came Monday morning from Malacanang after months of speculation that he would be appointed.

In a Facebook post, current MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos shared a status post that said they are now complete with the entry of Danny Lim.

Tim Orbos has been effectively handling MMDA for almost a year now after he was appointed last year by President Rodrigo Duterte. There were rumors that Orbos has been having difficulty dealing with Metro Manila Mayors in cleaning up the side streets of the cities to ease traffic in the metropolis.

Orbos has, however been successful in easing traffic along the congested EDSA, if only by decreasing travel time by 15 minutes.

Lim’s entry is seen as another hardliner in the already military officer packed-administration of Duterte. Lim is expected to clean up the service of MMDA particularly the graft infested Traffic Enforcer line-up.

Do you think General Lim can make a difference?

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