Every Car Nut Must Have Had One Of These!

I was a kid who loved cars. And my father is where I got all this car craziness. So it is not surprising that in my childhood, I had a pedal car. You know these toy cars that resembled real cars, sometimes they even looked like airplanes or boats, and were powered by pedals. We made it run the way we do with bicycles, you see.

At some point, these pedal cars stopped becoming kids toys and were being hoarded by adults altogether. Mirroring the history of the automobile itself, pedal cars span virtually every decade of the past 130 years and range from highly detailed miniature vintage Bentleys and pre-war racing cars made from metal, to a modern BMW Z4.

In the early 1900s, pedal cars were widespread, especially in the heartlands of motorcar manufacture powerhouses like America, Britain, Italy and France. And, although they were ostensibly aimed at children, most of these pedal cars were just as well made as their full-size brethren with enamelled steel bodies, opening bonnets and boots, working brakes, steering and headlights, leather seats and adjustable pedals. Some even had miniature electric engines.

This year, if you can make it there, Bicester Heritage will play host to a one-off auction that will see more than 140 rare and unique pedal cars go under the hammer from the Jaguar Land Rover Classics Collection.

The No Reserve pedal car auction will sit alongside the eagerly anticipated ‘Affordable Classics’ event hosted by Bicester Heritage’s official auction partner, Brightwells – where over 100 rare and low-mileage models will go up for grabs from Britain’s most revered classic marques.

Dan Geoghegan, Managing Director of Bicester Heritage, said: “Pedal cars are a part of our motoring and social history, the no reserve auction represents a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity to snap up some fascinating rarities.

The Centre of Excellence will open its gates on Wednesday 21st March and, while it’s not unusual for the odd pedal car to turn up at auction, rarely do you see a whole collection up for sale at one venue.

Brightwells will sell over 140 pedal cars, all at no reserve, at Bicester Heritage, making it the fourth sale the auction house has held on the historic WW2 site.

“To host another fantastic auction with our partners at Brightwells will give a further reason for car enthusiasts from around the globe to visit us on sale day, and we look forward to welcoming them and to show all that Bicester Heritage has to offer.”

If you think you want to do this, go check out the details at www.brightwells.com or visit www.bicesterheritage.co.uk/events for additional information.

The author is a certified motorhead and has been a journalist for the past 30 years. He will be a journalist all his life. He thinks he is famous and his mother agrees. His father has another opinion on that matter.
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