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Subaru Sponsors Bolt of Talent

Motor Image Pilipinas just launched locally the new Subaru XV for 2018. The sleek, modern SUV is targeted at a different audience, those raring to hit the road to adventure, aspire to bigger dreams and find a way to achieve this.

To support this target, Motor Image has chosen another reality TV to partner their Subaru with, the singing contest Bolt of Talent.


Hosted by Michael Bolton, the reality TV special is produced by Fox Network Group Asia and will be aired in South East Asia via Singapore, home of Subaru in this region.

“We try to find better ways of promoting Subaru other than the regular sponsorship,” says Glenn Tan, newly appointed Managing Director of the Tan Chong Group, the conglomerate that owns Motor Image, exclusive dealer of Subaru in this region.

Subaru earlier sponsored Asia’s New Top Model and also Cesar Milan in a pitch to appeal to a more aspirational set of car lovers.

Those and the annual Subaru Palm Challenge creates an image where Subaru owners aspire for higher dreams and work really hard for it.

“We like to encourage people to dream bigger, reach higher and attain their goals. And when they drive the Subaru XV they know they can get there,” Tan explains.

The Bolt of Talent will come to Manila in November with Michael Bolton as one leg of their 7-week SEA campaign. Of course Bolton will also have a concert here.

Eight singer-songwriters hailing from Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand have been chosen from scores of auditioning hopefuls to compete for a dream record deal and World Tour with the legendary man himself: Michael Bolton.

These contestants will compete in rigorous musical challenges throughout this first season, coached, mentored and judged by the musical maestro himself, after which only one of them will be crowned the winner.

There are two Filipinos competing in Bolt of Talent. They are Hans Dimayuga and Lance Busa.

Hans Dimayuga
Photo courtesy of Star World

Lance Busa
Photo courtesy of Star World

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