DOTr Seeks Foreign Help to Improve MRT3

While commuters continue to experience hassle due to the technical difficulties of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT 3), the government is exerting extra effort to improve the situation of the railway. Now, they are looking to foreign experts to help reduce breakdowns.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is tapping experts from their different partner countries to help them solve the issues of MRT 3’s operation and performance. They want to see improvements before the Holy Week break in March.

DOTr Undersecretary for Rails Timothy John Batan said two railways engineers from Australia will be sent here to assist operations. Last week, a 10-man team of German engineers from TUV Rheinland arrived in the country to assess and give recommendations on how the MRT 3 can be fixed. Another six-man team of engineers from Asian Development Bank will also arrive in February to advise the DOTr on the scope of the long-term intervention needed by the train system.

“Our objective is to achieve the MRT 3’s design capacity of 20 three-car trains, with headway of 3 minutes, running at 60 kilometers per hour,” Batan explained in a briefing.

Japan will also finance the rehabilitation and the maintenance of the railway.

Batan said at present, the trains are limited to a maximum speed of 40 kph due to its current condition. From the time the government took over the maintenance of MRT 3 from Busan Universal Rail Inc. last November, an average of 15 trains are being deployed on a daily basis.

DOTr is also expecting the arrival of the new space parts within the next 30 to 60 days.

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