You are not going to get me away from a Peugeot drive. I love this brand, and considering that it is also French, a place I love to travel to, makes it doubly more exciting.


So we take this snazzy new Peugeot 308 to Tagaytay. A short day trip in the middle of the week, that should not take too much time away from the office. Besides, having an excuse to leave the office is always a treat anyway.



We take off from Peugeot Alabang and I was luckily paired off with my favorite motoring gal Angel Rivero of Wheels TV. I’ll let you in on a little secret, Angel did all the driving until the last stop. Teeheee!!!


So now that you know I enjoyed the 308 as a passenger, let me regale you with how exquisite it is to be driven around by a lady in a French car. Ohhh, now that is quite a dream most men would love to fulfill!


The front passenger seat of the 308 is huge, I mean six-footer compliant huge. I’m not a small person but my legs run short when I push the seats way back and my bottom gets this snug fit when I snuggle into it.


Even my back is caressed by this soft and pliant cushion that allowed me some 15-minute nap breaks as Angel drove me to Tagaytay. In my opinion, if you can sleep in the front seat of a car for a continuous 15 minutes, that comfort level is made.


The trip up to Tagaytay was a breeze for the Peugeot 308. We took the Canlubang route to climb the mountain resort city, a biking route that we always described as a punisher and killer. The trip up to Tagaytay was a breeze for the Peugeot 308. We took the Canlubang route to climb the mountain resort city, biking route that we always described at a punisher and killer. But the 308’s 1.6 litre engine was more than able for the job.


The backseat looked spacious too. In fact, even after I slid my front seat all the way, there was still ample leg room from the rear seats. Quite an achievement for a small looking car from the outside.


The Peugeot 308 will look like the Volkswagen Golf at a quick glance, if not for the very distinctive front fascia that prominently displays the roaring lion of the Peugeot brand.


To be true, the body design of the Peugeot 308 strikes me as slightly old. I love the cut and lines of the 208 GTI and the old 3008 crossover, but this 308’s look does not make my heart jump as much.


But the comfort and performance is something else though. Through the twisty’s, climb and descent to Talisay, rough road patches and sudden traffic issues, Angel had no issue traversing the route that Karen Carvajal, Peugeot Philippine’s new marketing director, plotted out for us.


We had lunch at Domaine Restaurant in Tagaytay where we were treated to some gastronomical challenges, including guessing what we were stuffing into our mouths while blindfolded.


We also had to do some challenges, like singing karaoke style inside the car, guessing the food we were eating, some photo shooting contests and a coffee brewing challenge to boot. Glen Dasig, President of Peugeot Philippines said the theme of the drive was to highlight the best of the 308 and indeed it did.


The food gave us an example of how the 308 tastes, original, exquisite and flavorful. The karaoke singing showed us how to enjoy the 308. The photo contest allowed us to appreciate how the 308’s look flows with its surroundings. And the drive exhibited the capability of the 308 in all forms of terrain, traffic condition and weather situations. Finally the coffee brewing challenge exhibited the body and character of the 308 in all its glory.

It was fun and we did it in a day. Can you imagine how much fun the Peugeot 308 could be on a longer drive? We can!

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