CES 2018: Nissan Cars Will Read Your Mind

Science fiction books and movies have always predicted motor vehicles that will independently drive us around. Those predictions are almost facts with the advent of autonomous driving systems being tested by major car makers like Volvo and independent motoring related companies like Uber.

A new Nissan tech, B2V, will allow cars to read drivers minds, technically that is. (photo from Nissan)

What is interesting is that Nissan decided to take the leap one jump further and began tinkering with cars that can read the drivers mind. This is part of Nissans “Intelligent Mobility” program.

The current project called B2V or “Brain-To-Vehicle” is a research that enables vehicles to interpret signals from the driver’s brain, redefining how people interact with their cars. This technology promises to speed up reaction times for drivers and will lead to cars that keep adapting to make driving more enjoyable.

“The potential applications of the technology are incredible. This research will be a catalyst for more Nissan innovation inside our vehicles in the years to come.” – Dr. Lucian Gheorghe, Senior Innovation Researcher, Nissan Research Center Japan

The technology functions on two levels:

Predict: by catching signs that the driver’s brain is about to initiate a movement – such as turning the steering wheel or pushing the accelerator pedal – driver assist technologies can begin the action more quickly. This can improve reaction times and enhance manual driving.

It functions by having a driver wear a headset that reads impulses from his brain. (photo from Nissan)

Detect: by detecting and evaluating driver discomfort, artificial intelligence can change the driving configuration or driving style when in autonomous mode.

Nissan’s B2V technology is the world’s first system of its kind. The driver wears a device that measures brain wave activity, which is then analyzed by autonomous systems. By anticipating intended movement, the systems can take actions – such as turning the steering wheel or slowing the car – 0.2 to 0.5 seconds faster than the driver, while remaining largely imperceptible.

The tech will be first introduced at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2018) in Las Vegas, Nevada beginning January 9-12, 2018.

Here is a short video of the new tech by Nissan:

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