BURI, Partners Barred From Government Projects

After a series of information hit the news that Busan Universal Rails Incorporated or BURI is seeking to bid for other rail projects in the Philippines, the Department of of Transportation (DOTr) said the company formerly managing the MRT-3 is barred from all government projects, or at least any that involves rails and the DOTr.

In a statement early today, the DOTr, through their Public Information Office head Goddess Hope Oliveros-Libiran, said they are clarifying “various news articles published 25 December 2017 regarding the supposed qualification of certain shareholders of the terminated MRT-3 maintenance service provider, Busan Universal Rail, Inc. (BURI), for three (3) other railway projects.”

All 3 projects are currently in Post-Qualification stage, and Busan and Edison’s disqualification from all government projects, pursuant to the Uniform Guidelines for Blacklisting of Contractors, will disqualify them from the 3 projects.

The statement went on to say that “BURI and its joint venture members, which include Busan Transportation Corporation (Busan) and Edison Development and Construction (Edison), are DISQUALIFIED from participating in the bidding of government projects, which is a consequence of the termination of BURI’s contract for the maintenance of MRT-3 due to poor performance and breach of contractual obligations, which took effect last 6 November 2017.”

Former MRT3 maintenance provider BURI has been declared Disqaulified from all government project by the DOTr.

Busan and Edison recently submitted bids for railway projects – DOTr’s Systematic Rail Replacement Project for MRT-3, LRTA’s Maintenance Contract for LRT-2, and LRTA’s Restoration of Four Train Sets Project also for LRT-2. But the submission of Busan and Edison of a bid for a project does not mean that they are qualified, the statement also said.
While Busan and Edison may have submitted the legal, technical, and financial documents required under R.A. 9184 (which is evaluated on a “presence” or “absence” criteria), Busan and Edison have not been declared qualified for the projects, which is done in the Post-Qualification stage of a procurement process.


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