BMW Ups Drift War Ante: Invents Mid-Drift Refueling

The mid-drift stunt of BMW to recapture the Guinness’ Longest Drift record. (screengrab from youtube video)

A long, long time ago, in a drift track far, far away, BMW set the Guinness world record for the longest drift. But along came a Sith, in the form of Toyota and took away this magic title for the next two years.

Now, the Jedi’s at BMW decided to reclaim the title by creating a novel way to go around the drift track. They invented an in-drift refueling system that allows the new BMW M5 to drift continuously for 8-straight hours.

BMW Master Drift Jedi Matt Mullins (BMW Head Driving Instructor) thought up a plan to conquer the drift track without using any of the old technology modifications allowed to increase time of drift on a track. Being the Jedi that he is, he found old techs boring and wanted better use of the force.

And so, Mullins, with original drift record holder and another Drift Jedi master Johann Schwartz (BMW Driving Instructor), created a system that allowed them to refuel an M5 in the middle of a drift. The system allowed them to pump 20 gallons into the drifting vehicle in under a minute. Of course this meant having two cars in simultaneous drift for the stunt to be successful.

The BMW refueling while in the middle of a drift. (GIF from Jalopnic)

Needless to say, the new tech, absolutely useless in real life but BMW spent hours upon hours of research to achieve anyway, allowed BMW to recapture the Guinness title of Worlds Longest Car Drift.

The story behind this global automotive spitting contest between BMW and Toyota began in 2013 when Schwartz recorded the longest drift at 51.3 miles on an M5 running on a wet skidpad.

The following year, 2014, Toyota came along with drifter Harald Muller and its GT86 to beat the BMW record at 89.5 miles driving for two hours and 25 minutes sideways.

Still unsatisfied, Toyota again did the drift challenge in 2017. This time, journalist Jesse Adams drove the the Toyota 86, son of the GT86, for six hours and 102.5 miles of drifting.

Now, BMW has Schwartz driving for 8-hours straight beating the Japanese record by two hours. We will see the new BMW actual record details on January 9, 2018.

Can’t wait for the Revenge of the Sith!!!

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