Ayala Cars Feature 4 Artists In Art Fair 2018

The Ayala’s have always been famous for being art patrons. In fact they have quite a number of artists under their helm, helping them develop into world class talents and a few who actually turned out to be so.

For this year, Ayala’s AC Automotive has tapped the creative minds of four Filipino visual artists for Art Fair Philippines 2018 that will be held on March 1 to 4 at The Link, Ayala Center in Makati City.  And to show how deep Ayala is into supporting the Art Fair PH in promoting local contemporary art, AC Automotive will be a prominent exhibitor during the four-day event.

The panoramic view of AC Automotive exhibit area with artworks for Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen and KTM. (photo courtesy of AC Automotive)

AC Automotive is a member of the country’s oldest business house, Ayala, under its industrial technology arm, AC Industrials. It has four strong brands in Honda and Isuzu (dealership networks), Volkswagen (distribution) and KTM (manufacturing and distribution). It has nearly 30 years of industry experience and 24 wholly owned dealerships.

As the country’s pre-eminent automotive distribution and retail organization, AC Automotive presents today’s automotive architectural landscape through art pieces created by Filipino artists in multiple creative levels.

The four visual artists tapped —Reg Yuson for Honda, Dan Raralio for Isuzu, Art Lozano for Volkswagen, and Pete Jimenez for KTM–showcase their re-imaginations of contemporary automotive architecture by rendering and defining the “melding point” of science, art, machine, humanity and technology.

Honda artwork with artist Reg Yuson (right) and HCMI and IADI President and COO Manny Aligada. (photo courtesy of AC Automotive)

Sculptor Yuson’s “Fear or Desire” presents Honda as the perennial toy for speed enthusiasts, using the aggressive front fascia hood and grille of the new Civic to depict a full-scale toy model kit in a box, signifying the childlike, albeit ageless, appreciation to the Japanese marque.

Yuson’s work is a presence in the landscape of public built environments, lending fresh and witty concept in architecture of open space. And in recognition of his significant contributions to the expanding language and evolutionary dynamic of Philippine contemporary art, Yuson was conferred the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Thirteen Artists Awardee in 2003.

Artist Dan Raralio with Isuzu artworks. (photo courtesy of AC Automotive)

Painter-sculptor Raralio’s “Abstract out of Concrete” assembles Isuzu truck parts embedded in concrete blocks, representing the artist’s creative fingerprint traversing the figurative to abstract, classical to modern, interspersed with subtle word play.

Raralio, also a CCP Thirteen Artists awardee (1988), has applied his expertise in both the academe and the corporate world.

Volkswagen artwork with artist Art Lozano (right) and AC Industrials President and CEO Arthur Tan. (photo courtesy of AC Automotive)

Baguio native Lozano translates his 18-year love affair with the Volkswagen Beetle into a depiction of “Urban Progress,” a multi-hued 3-dimensional painting using an actual Beetle hood and parts of Volkswagen vehicles, capturing the tumultuous yet captivating process of industrious love being born.

A true-blue Ilocano and part of the Tam-awan Group of Artists in Baguio City, Lozano over the years has evolved by using the environment around him to reflect on his canvas. And for this masterpiece that uses just a few vehicle parts, Lozano evokes the fluid, overwhelming hustle and bustle of human progress in the time of rigid metal.

KTM artwork with artist Pete Jimenez (left) and ACPI and KAMMI President and COO Dino Santos. (photo courtesy of AC Automotive)

Jimenez’s “Racing Heart” focuses on the KTM big bike’s orange frame, pounding it into the shape of a heart, and encasing motorcycle parts into it—the sculptor’s visual gem of a pun.

Jimenez, who has put up 16 solo exhibitions in the Philippines since 2000, and has joined several group exhibitions abroad, is among the few Filipino sculptors who have consistently explored the qualities of scrap iron as a medium.

AC Automotive taps four visual artists to showcase modern automotive architectural landscape. Shown in photo, from left, artist for KTM Pete Jimenez; artist for Isuzu Dan Raralio; Adventure Cycle Philippines, Inc. (ACPI) and KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing, Inc. (KAMMI) President and COO Dino Santos; Honda Cars Makati, Inc (HCMI) and Isuzu Automotive Dealership, Inc. (IADI) President and COO Manny Aligada; AC Industrial Technology Holdings, Inc. (AC Industrials) President and CEO Arthur Tan; artist for Volkswagen Art Lozano; and, artist for Honda Reg Yuson. (photo courtesy of AC Automotive)

The annual Art Fair Philippines, now on its 6th year, has timed entries for public days: 10:00 am to 1:30 pm, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

For more information about the AC Automotive companies, log on to Hondamakati.com.ph, Isuzuautodealer.com.ph, Volkswagen.com.ph and Ktm.ph.

Ayala Corporation Chairman and CEO Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala (6th from right) and AC Industrials President and CEO Arthur Tan (5th from left) pose with Art Fair co-founder Lisa Periquet (6th from left) together with the four artists and AC Automotive associates. (photo courtesy of AC Automotive)

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