An Inside Look At The Ford Ranger Raptor

The All New Ford Ranger Raptor has been launched and the hype on the ultimate Ranger is not one that should die down easily. The Ranger Raptor has been tested in the world’s toughest conditions so it is safe to say that an extreme off-road package is in store for all those excited drivers out there.

We’ve seen the exterior of the Ranger Raptor, now it’s time to talk about what’s inside that new beast.



The Ranger Raptor powertrain features cutting edge technology that offers more power and torque, better fuel economy, less weight and with off-road specific calibrations for engine, transmission, driveline, steering, brakes and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system.

The Raptor can deliver up to 213PS (157kW) of power and 500Nm of torque with its 10-Speed transmission combined with a new 2.0-liter Bi-Turbo engine.

The new powertrain has been tested by Ford engineers to ensure durability. The testing includes running a ‘thermo cycle’ on the engine, heating both turbos to the point of glowing red for  two hundred hours non-stop. It can withstand this torture thanks to the turbo bearings and low-pressure (LP) turbo being water cooled to reduce temperature, avoid over-heating and protect the air induction components.

The by-pass valves which determines the the operating mode depending on engine speed controls the smaller high-pressure (HP) turbo connected to the larger LP turbo. At lower engine speeds, the two turbos work in series, enhancing torque and responsiveness, while at higher engine speeds, the small HP turbo is bypassed, and the higher LP turbo provides boost to deliver more power.

The Ford-designed and Ford-built 10-speed automatic transmission is created with high-strength steel, aluminum alloys and composites to optimize durability and weight.  A wider ratio-span thanks to its 10 gears gives better acceleration and responsiveness.

The all-new electronic system features real-time adaptive shift-scheduling algorithms engineered to help ensure the right gear is selected at the right time. The paddle shifter are now always available for manual gear selection override. The unique transmission calibration also includes a ‘Live in Drive’ function.


The design of the Raptor’s frame incorporates new geometry for the large suspension, providing the Raptor DNA increased track and wheel travel. It consists of different grades of  high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel to withstand the high-impact of off-road activities. The stiffened side-rails are made from increased HSLA grade steel to absorb off-road high speed impacts.

The front accommodates strengthened protruding shock absorber towers, while a new bespoke coil over rear suspension with an integrated Watt’s linkage allows the axle to move up and down with very little lateral movement. Two recovery hooks rated at 4.5 tonnes can be found at the front, plus reinforced spare tyre mounting cross-members for the larger 17-inch Raptor rims.

The unique chassis frame of the Ranger Raptor is specifically designed for high speed off road drives and to endure the punishment brought upon by off road racing. Superior lateral control off-road is provided by the new coil over rear suspension that uses a Watt’s link setup with solid rear axle. It also helps improve both the ride and the handling.

The Ranger Raptor’s braking system has strong stopping power. The twin-piston calipers at the front have been increased by 9.5mm in diameter, while the ventilated rotors are an impressive 332 x 32mm in size. Disc brakes with a brake actuation master cylinder and booster at the rear to increase braking performance. The 332 x 24mm rear rotor is ventilated and coupled with a new 54mm caliper.

“The standout experience of the Ranger Raptor, hands down, is how far you can push it off-road versus any other available production road vehicle in our markets, and still ride like a millionare on-road,” said Damien Ross, Chief Program Engineer, Ranger Raptor, Ford Motor Company.

“Everything about the Ranger Raptor builds on the already outstanding sophisticated feel and functional capability of the Ranger, and then goes futher. From a driving dynamic fun standpoint, it is really an exceptionally special vehicle.”

The race-bred suspension of the Raptor has been specifically made to gear up for all terrain at high speed while keeping control and comfort. The Position Sensitive Damping (PSD) shock absorbers (dampers) provide higher damping forces at full jounce and rebound to enable better off-road capabilities, and lower damping forces in the mid-travel zone for a class leading plush ride during on-road trips. These settings are truly calibrated for the best of both worlds.

These dampers are exclusively manufactured by Fox Racing Shox with 46.6mm piston for front and rear. Holding them in place are the forged aluminum upper arms and cast aluminum lower arms to facilitate greater suspension travel and optimized for performance and extreme off-road durability.

Patrisse is a fresh graduate from De La Salle in Cavite. She likes cars, but enjoys commuting for hours. She says it keeps her grounded. She is the youngest member of the Autocar PH team.

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