4th round Caltex Havoline Autocross

Photos: Mickie Carbonell


Another one for the books as spectators yet witnessed a thrilling battle between Danby Yaptinchay and Paolo Santos. Yaptinchay held on to a .06 of a second lead. With his highly modified Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Danby clocked in a fastest time of 43.45 seconds.

Meanwhile in the Caltex Havoline booth, things got sweaty with their fun games involving the spectators who went there to experience the thrilling race. Competitors from the north came barging in as Jojie Benedicto from Bulacan held on to a  one second difference from his co-Bulakeños Enrique Siochi and Edward Zuñiga in the Novice Modified B class as Benedicto edges his way to the Novice Overall closing the gap for the Novice Overall crown with Edward Zuñiga, Marvin Montecillo and Christopher Co. South side racers shared the same spotlight as Jeff Borja and Marvin Montecillo of Team DSR topped the Open Classes.


The 2017 Philippine Autocross Championship Series is co-presented by Caltex Havoline and supported by GT Radial, Aguila Auto Glass, Shaldan, CleanShine Masters, Penguin Engine Oil Additives, Prautotype Auto Restoration, WRG car wash detailing, AutoPerformance Ph, Liwanag’s Magwheel Restoration, SHAGO Racing, Walter Lights and Sounds, Hype Daily Lifestyle, Autocar Ph, Lifestyle on Wheels, Car Side, Ride and Drive Ph, Grupo Toyota and Time Attack Manila. This event is sanctioned by the Automobile Association of the Philippines.